When in Doubt, Write.

Its been a strange old week.  I normally look forward to school holidays as I love having my big boy home.  This has been doubly so recently as E hasn’t been all that happy at school.  Nothing major, but a week off was needed to regroup.



Unfortunately, the week that was, was a bit of a downer.  Sick children, deadlines and broken equipment made me very grumpy…made us all grumpy, really.  I have a major problem when things don’t meet my expectations, and I simply can’t let it go.  Well, that essentially sums up the last few days – things just not working as I want them to.  Me, ruminating about things that could have gone better, the children, running amok.


And run amok they did (as if they needed a distracted mother to do that!). Theo still has yet to learn self-preservation (at what age does that come?).  He managed to destroy our chest of drawers. Its better not to ask exactly how, but I found him happily playing with my jewellery and make-up – obviously what he had been trying to get. Instead of taking a picture or reprimanding him, I turned around and went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer.  It was that sort of week.

But in some ways, it’s a suitable analogy for the next few days…picking up the broken bits and getting back on track, beer in hand.

First on the agenda, buy a new chest of drawers.

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  • Well, em, what to say? We all have them sorts of days/weeks/months, and it does make us feel better to know we are not alone lol. And of course there is the mothers mantra ‘this too will pass, this too will pass, this too will pass’. Heck they are cute though.

  • Ah, sometimes it is necessary to face life beer (or rum based cocktail) in hand. I commiserate with you my dear. After months of hard work my craft fair was a total bust and I sold not one single thing. And then I got sick and have spent he lat 3 days in bed!

    Here’s hoping there’s a better week ahead for both of us (I am finally getting a clothes chest delivered today….hopefully you will find one soon). How can one that looks so sweet be so wicked?

  • I had many weeks like that in my parenting life and I am as well the person that can’t let go, so I know how it feels, my thoughts and prayers are with you :) After years of practice it get’s tiny bit easier, but still it is hard. But the spring is coming :) )

  • Without the beer, my week was pretty similar and I have been forcing myself to regroup since Friday…

    I can’t believe you have two little Boys now! We’re sending our love. Xx