Note to Self

Dear Me,

Please remember, at the moments:

when you actually think that you may completely lose your mind and drop your (almost) 3 year old off at a rehoming centre,

when he stands on the bridge for 45 minutes refusing to either go forward or back,

when he fights every time he needs a change of clothes or nappy, 

when he wants to listen to the same Thomas the Tank Engine audio book over and over all day long and calls Nina Simone, "rubbish",

when he, in the 5 minutes it takes for you to go upstairs and deposit a laundry basket on the bed, climbs up onto the kitchen counter, turns on the taps, overflows the sink, empties a full litre of milk onto the counter and is trying to climb out the window onto the rubbish bins,

that you love him.


That he makes you laugh.

That you miss him when he is not with you.


That he makes everything adventurous.

That he is very sweet and cuddly and will not always be so.


That his desire to help, really does outweigh his capability to create chaos.

That he is ridiculously cute.


and then put on Thomas (again), make yourself a cup of tea and remind yourself that the rehoming centre actually has been redeveloped into new houses.  So, for better or worse, the two of you are in this together.   


Your Self

10 responses

  • Oops!
    Sorry about Thomas the Tank Engine. Personally I think that Ringo Starr’s rendition is rubbish. He doesn’t have a clue about the onomatopoeia the author intended. He should have stuck to drumming. And for the record I like Nina Simone.

  • Awww. . . that story sounds familiar, except here it’s a Cars audio book that gets played over and over and over! =)

  • You’ve just described my day with a nearly 3 year boy. Except in our case we had his sister’s nappy cream everywhere and play dough cut into tiny pieces (making soup of course). And the same two wibbly pig cartoons we’ve watched for a fortnight. All this drives me mad and makes me laugh at the same time. Love your blog – especially today

  • Sometimes days are just like these! Thanks for this. I know you don’t usually. but I’ve tagged you over at my blog, it’s a really big issue, I hope you’ll take part and play.

  • I just found your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it over the past week or so. You’re pictures are just great, and your son is so adorable. Thanks for such a fun read!