Magic in the Woods

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The first time I visited the Fairy Knowe at the top of Doone Hill, I thought it looked like a bunch of junk tied to trees.  This time, seeing it through the eyes of Ellis, looking for magic, and Georgia, cooing over all of the little creatures sitting amongst the roots of the trees, I could see the magic a little bit clearer. 


Doone Hill Fairy Knowe, Aberfoyle

6 responses

  • Kitty loves looking for the little faerie doors and tiny people hidden in her Grandad’s garden – this is 10 times better – I can see why your little people love it so.

  • Long time lurker here…..I really enjoy reading your blog, congratulations on a enjoyable, entertaining and honest read!
    Is it possible to get to the Fairy Knowe with a buggy?

  • Did you go into Aberfoyle – there’s a brilliant mechanical mobile kind of thing in the visitor/information center which shows the Rev Robert Kirk being taken away by the faeries! You might still hear him echoing from the big pine!
    Don’t need to tell you how much I love the mossy mounds. Great pickings for wood sorrel
    j x