Internal Wisdom

Dear Kathryn Elizabeth Goldin (aka Me),

I am writing to complain about a certain low-point you hit on Saturday afternoon.  I do not want to go into details in such a public forum, but it was not pretty and is not allowed.  Convincing yourself you are not good enough is unhelpful and pointless.

In future, I want you to remember the following:

1. Realise that creativity is all around us and you are already "doing it".  You say often and loudly that the simple act of making dinner is a creative act…so is every seed planted and garden tended.  Every song sung in the shower and every train drawn in the bath.  Not to mention every time you take a step back and bask in the unbelievable beauty of a small boy. Use these moments and revel in the creativity in everyday things.  See it everywhere.

Photo by Kevin

2. Forgive your mistakes.  Ok, here we are self talking to self and the hard truth is your crochet is often mediocre.  You are not a great seamstress all the time.  Some of your cooking fails and your knitting is…best not mentioned.  What you have, your gift, is a passion for making. When you get frustrated with a crooked seam, a dropped stitch or other mistake, just remember that its the process you love so deeply, not necessarily the product.  You will do better next time (or the time after that). No one is perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Let it go.

3. Keep lists of things you have done.  Now, I know, being Virgo, that lists are your thing.  But, you get so lost in the reams of the things you haven't done that you all too quickly forget the things you have completed.  This virtual space provides some of that capturing, but remember your notebook at your desk that lists the projects you have completed (or almost completed and now await some final touch that you may or may not do).  Next to each project, remember to leave a note about something you learned, relearned, re-re-relearned from doing that project. 

4. Value creativity above all else.  Yes.  Laundry has to be done, bills have to be paid, floors have to be mopped. But you must instil in your friends that you need a 30 minute warning phone call before they pop by.  And remember, it is a public service to society to have the house that makes other people feel better about the state of theirs.

5. Spend more time making than looking. Now, I know this is a hard one for you. But in the balance of things, making one thing is MUCH better than looking at 600 things you will never be able to finish on Whip Up or One Pretty Thing.  Have faith that if inspiration is meant to find you, it will.

6. Make something every day. Even if it is just dinner. 

Love, YourSelf.

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  • I think another of your talents is writing. You are very articulate and funny. I love your way of telling the honest truth about yourself. So many blogs are full of happy, wonderful, perfect experiences. It’s refreshing to read about someone who also has frustrating days, no matter how hard they try. (I identify with this person.) Thank you for sharing your life. I love reading your blog.

  • YES! writing a letter like that is difficult and yet it’s such a super thing to do. i wish someone (read: me) would write someone (read: … you’ve guessed it) a REAL letter like that.
    and your so funny! the “remember, it is a public service to society to be the house that makes other people feel better about the state of theirs” sentence almost made me fall of my chair :-D

  • I like number 4 – I think that may become my mantra!
    And I love those shoes :~)

  • flaucinacity on

    I love this post and I can see why you thought I might identify with it! As a friend I can honestly say that it is hard for me to understand how you can doubt your creativity (although I do know where you are coming from) when you are (and your family for that matter) one of the most creative person I know and give me so much inspiration. And yes, number 4 had me laughing – I’ll keep the 30 minute rule in mind in the future. I hope you had a wonderful Monday – I think it was hard not too with such gorgeous weather.

  • So many things! I love your Ruby Slippers! I always wanted a pair and never yet have owned any… I smiled at your list making. My dh is a list maker, and a Virgo (they do go hand in hand). I have often laughed at him (in a nice way) about how he writes the weekend away in a list before it has even begun. But I am practical Capricorn, so I understand :)
    I love your writing. It is honest and rings true. It is a gift. Add it to your list :)

  • I enjoyed this post very much. You’re putting into words what many of us often feel but don’t say. Good for you…I think I forget that the cooking I do is a creative endeavour because I sure would like to be able to sew and knit and garden more. Thank you for the reminder….

  • the things you wrote are often running through my mind. thank you for putting them down in words. i am going to keep them handy for times (lots of time) when I need the reminder.

  • Kat! You spell your full name
    the same way I do! High five!
    I have to thank you for posting
    this. I know that I have been
    struggling with creativity now
    and it has become a major…
    how do you say, disappointment.
    Does that make sense? #5 is a
    big one for me too. Again, I
    thank you.

  • Dear GS,
    How on earth you bumped into this blog from somebody you haven’t even met? I know randomly, but still how could you relate what the author wanted to say?
    1. Stop being the wisest. Don’t think you are the only one who can write philosophical blogs. There are other nice human beings on this planet.
    2. Talk to yourself, it helps. You never knew the power of it, but sometimes it does help to step out of your shoes and look at yourself from up above in the sky.
    3. Be friendly and open up. I know you were feeling lonely and bored of your life. Which is why you ended up opening random blogs and posting comments like this one. However, try to be open and friendly to people around you in real. Life can become much more interesting and beautiful.
    4. Share your wisdom. Request people if they can find time to read your blog. Don’t expect them to land up randomly like you did on this one. Tell them its address: http:// gs-intro dot blogspot dot com.
    Take care and God bless the writer of this blog,
    Love, YourSelf

  • by the way – my daugther’s name is elizabeth – and had my son been a girl he would have been Catherine (not same spelling, but still!) and if we are blessed with another daugther her name will most likely be Catherine :) just thought i’d share!

  • fantastic. Stumbled acros this via British Mummy Bloggers, but this post is truly inspirational. I spend a lot of time beating myself up for the things I haven’t done and forget to remember the ‘already done’ list. Wonderful x

  • Wo that’s definately given me something to think about i too am guilty of procrastination – worrying about doing everything then susequently doing nothing. I love the service to society thing regarding the housewotk – i’ll have to remember that one next time my friends are due to visit.

  • I loved this post so much. You sound very similar to me in the creative messy house type way, hee hee. And I agree, your writing is fab.
    Oh and another thing we share, slugs seem to find me attractive too and stalk me from place to place. Sighhhhh, I feel so lucky. ;D

  • I absolutly loved this post. I may have to print it and put it on my mirror, just to remind myself of whats really important, and that i am being creative every day. Even if it just means putting the catchup on the spagetti in elegant swirls instead of splats. Thank you so much for this message!!!

  • Stumbled across your blog and I love this post – it sums up what I should be reminding myself each day. Keep creating – we love it.

  • Now thats an inspiring post! I will remember all those points next time I feel what you described… nice post on Expat Mums Blog as well!