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  • Aw poor wee Theo bubs. I take it he has the same cold as you. Its awful when the littlies are snuffly. Oscar cried like mad when his nose was blocked. Now he clears it out himself and says ‘mama, snot’ and holds it out for me to get rid of. Its a glamorous life eh.
    Oh and I have beard envy looking at that picture. Not for myself of course, Duncan has shaved his beard off after 7 years. I don’t like it and he is shocked to find his face has grown ’rounder’ underneath. Thank goodness he is growing it back lol.
    Take care of yourselves, I hope the weekend isnt too miserable.

  • Oh I have been there. Knitting or crocheting while the sick little ones on my chest. Both my kids love the warm chest almost all day. I don’t mind much , but getting to use my hands to craft is tricky. Hope he gets better soon!