If I Can’t Have the Sun


Since Christmas, we have fallen back into the beloved routine of daily bread making.  Kevin and I take turns.  He makes exotic things – ciabatta, hand kneaded sourdough, english muffins.

My bread, or Kat’s bread rather, is more basic.  Less glamorous and needing only the starter, water, flour and salt. Thrown all in my stand mixer and then essentially left to its own devices, with gentle nudges from me on the odd occasion.

The breads all rise in the studio, as it is the warmest room in the house.  My room, therefore, smells a bit like ale. I can only hope the aroma isn’t impregnating the yarn for the kits, but who knows.

I like to think it smells homey.

4 responses

  • Weren’t you on a low/no gluten thing? I love the smell of bread baking. We’ve been mostly low carb around here lately, not bread, no rice or pasta and it feels so good…but then today! Lunch in Little India with naan AND samosas and then tonight beer and pizza. I think I may have fallen off the wagon!

    • I was and now am again. My food intolerances went crazy last week so I have had to be v strict recently. I do feel better though, so that is the important thing.