Goodness, its been glorious here.  SO cold and frosty and clear. This week was THE WEEK:: the week where I stop hating winter and being depressed by the dark.  Every morning as we have headed off out into the world to go about what ever business that has called, it has been GLORIOUS.  Sun and cold and ice and frost.  Every morning, I have seriously ached to tromp out to the fields with my camera and capture the ice and the light.



Seeing as a plastic support band seems to be the only thing holding my pelvis together, tromping is a bit off the cards.  But waddling down the street, camera in hand is not.



Kevin even stopped the car when we were running ridiculously late so I could take some pictures of the Cow Parsley/Queen Annes Lace (I never know if there is a difference).  Its a small village i live in and inevitably I get asked questions.  The best was when we stopped the car and I was taking some photos, another car stopped and took photos too.  Can’t confirm I was the inspiration, but I LOVED the camaraderie of the situation. 


Apparently we have the whole weekend of this ahead of us, so some gentle waddles will be on the cards. Add in some soup and knitting and we have a perfect weekend ahead!


Hope yours is good.


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  • I’m so glad you’ve had the chance to take these photos- they’re gorgeous! I have sprinted by the beautiful frost each morning on the way to the train.

  • It’s lovely to be able to appreciate a season for what it is. I’ve never lived outside of Britain and it seems most of use spend the winter wishing it were summer and the summer complaining about the heat. So it’s great that you’ve captured the fleeting beauty of the frost. Your photos are just beautiful.

  • Gorgeous pics, I’m afraid to tell you that these days after six children I often wonder what is holding my pelvis together, I think possibly just willpower!
    Your weekend sounds perfect, mine is going to be far too busy, and I seem to have promised Eden that if she could save up herself, and convince me of her compassion for a small furry creature, she could have one. So horrid big pet shop here we come…

  • beautiful pictures – I especially love the cow parsley ones – frost seems to have the ability to turn even mundane things into spectacular works of art!