How to Make A Wool Felt Ball

In case you were ever wondering how to make a felt ball, my method is very simple.  

1. Start crocheting a hat in Cascade 220.  

2. Be called away by some emergency in the house and stick said hat and ball of wool in your cardigan pocket.

3. Forget that it is there and wash said cardigan on hot.

4. Have the results be discovered by your husband whose response will be “(insert your name here).  Did you wash an unfinished hat again?”


2 responses

  • Haha, yes, do you remember I knitted a Gruffalo? Well he got put in the wash with some clothes accidentally and now he is half the size and felted. We held our breath for Oscar to see it (possible tears), but he began laughing his head off, saying ‘hello teeny tiny little Gruffalo’ lol