Welcome to the new look Slugs on the Refrigerator!!  There may still be some wonky bits here and there which we will be working to sort out over the weekend. Due to the way the photos on my old site were hosted, many of the photos on the older posts will appear squashed when viewed on mobile devices.  Also, there may be a font problem that we are trying to sort out.  Sorry for any annoyances in the meanwhile!!

However, to celebrate the new site, I have a new free pattern that will go up on Monday, so watch this space!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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  • its very pretty! you have an eye for these things. but i really really really miss how there was the different sections on the left (crochet cooking crafting) and i kinda hate to say that but… i don’t know. it doesn’t really change the fact that this website is wonderful. i hope you have a nice day! can’t wait for the pattern.

    • ask and ye shall receive. I have added the categories to the drop down under home (there is also a drop down at the bottom, but its harder to see and need some coding)

  • oh! thank you!! haha, i feel lazy for asking about that, but thank you. yeah, i saw it down there but theres a whole bunch of things and they’re small. its good you’re working on the layout though, i never really do that on my websites. hmm… i was going to say something else……. ah yes! i am one and the same as “metoob.” i’ll use either name, or if you see me on a different website. and i agree with knitnrun4sanity, you are clever.

  • Liking the new blog, even if it is a bit odd being away from Typepad lol. I have been locked out of Typepad right now and I am waiting on tech support, so you may see me moving to Blogger any minute now lol.
    Thanks for the pattern, they are really cute (and NOT crochet hahaha).

    • Typepad just couldn’t do what I needed it to do. Plus, it actually works out much cheaper to buy a hosting package from tsohost and a wordpress template. I highly recommend it!!