Cold and Bright



Inside the house is full of signs of spring – flowers on every mantle piece after spring themed photoshoots and UK Mother’s Day.  Spring jackets still lay around after warm weather last week.  It is March after all.  Spring is literally days away.

However, outside tells a different tale.  A blanket of snow covers everything and it looks more like winter than any other day this season.  I have reached the point in the year where I can no longer remember what it is like to be warm. Theo seems to agree as all morning he wandered around telling us all “Oh no! ‘now!” and pointing out the window.  Oh no, indeed.

But no matter how ready I am for Spring and warmth, the winter is still here.  But it’s on its final warning.  Nine days and then I demand Spring.

6 responses

  • I would like to co-sign your demand for Spring! It’s time, dangit. Although our views of the ‘now aren’t nearly as lovely as the one you’ve shared here. :)

  • It may be cold but it is beautiful too. We’ve just had flurry after flurry today; blisteringly cold in the wind but without the payoff of pretty snow.

  • Swapsies? Seriously, it looks so beautiful. I know how frustrating and confusing a late snow fall can be, however I’d give anything right now to be cold. To not be sweaty. To have seasons. More photos please of your delightful snow (seriously, it looks like a scene from Raymond Briggs’ The Snow Man out there right now, completed with the gorgeous village!).

  • That outside photo took my breath away! I would love to have such a gorgeous view!
    I understand how you feel but opposite – like another commenter, I’m getting so tired of the oppressive heat!
    I lived in the Arctic for 6½ years before moving to Australia so I understand how isolating all that cold and snow can be! February and March seem endless!