Issue 2: The Crochet Project

Go grab yourself a cuppa, Issue 2 of The Crochet Project is live!

We have a snazzy new website as well where you can see all of the lovely patterns from the talented designers. Patterns are available in UK and US terms and there will be an ebook of all of the designs releasing shortly!

Behind the Scenes

PicMonkey Collage

Photoshoot 1 for Book 2 is in the bag. Each time I am in the middle of the complete insanity that is shooting one’s own book, I think, “Never again!”

The weight of responsiblity is heavy – the buck totally stops with me when something really isn’t working and it is a lot of pressure.  I work with completely the loveliest team though – my stylist is phenominal and my editor is the perfect blend of supportive and directive.  In the end, the design-it-write-it-crochet-it-shoot-it-edit-it madness ends up being totally worth it (but there is a lot of swearing).


Also occupying much of my time is the kit side of the business.  We are making up hundreds of kits for Christmas in the new packaging. By “we” I mean my PA/best friend/godmother to my children/crochet model Kerstin.  She has wound hundreds (if not close to 1000) balls of yarn over the past 2 months. Packed kits, ordered supplies. I actually don’t know what I would do without her.

My job in this is to photograph the new packaging. Which is today’s task, along with working on Issue 2 of The Crochet Project (out this month) and has involved a lot of dawn photoshoots.  Kinds been worth it though…

20130927-IMG_4384 Final shoot is Sunday, then begins the mad dash to put it all together!


Who needs sleep?



Inside Crochet: Pleated Cardigan

I have often written about following people around the street, studying their knitwear.  I can’t help it…its a compulsion. A jumper, hat or cardigan catches my eye and I am off – singularly focussed on figuring out how it was made. I have been known to trip over children, dogs and lampposts as I mentally deconstruct the knit or crochetwear.  crochet 2

The Pleated Cardigan is no exception – inspired by one seen on the school run, I walked slowly behind the woman as she herded her children to the car, hoping I would seem less stalkerish than I felt. It wasn’t her cardigan I actually liked as such, but a small detail of a gather at the waistband. I knew I needed to use that element in a design a bit more fitted and wearable than the oversized supermarket jumper the woman was wearing.  Loose and flowing at the back with  pleats gathering the waist just a shade above the natural waistline – a style that tends to be more flattering, accentuating a smaller (for most of us) part of the figure. Three quarter length lantern sleeves finish it off with a nod to practicality.


And the yarn, oh the yarn.  Jeanette Sloan Silk Alpaca 4ply is just divine.  I really think that Jeanette has got it right with this yarn – it works up like a cloud – soft and luscious. The seamed, set in sleeves give the cardi just the right amount of structure – needed in such a drapey elegant yarn.

Much of my drive in designing is that I want to make things that are going to be used and worn and loved.  Be under no illusion, a cardigan out of 4ply silk-alpaca yarn is a commitment, both in terms of time and expense, but its designed to be a wardrobe staple. It is the type of thing that can be dressed up for work with a pencil skirt and blouse or over jeans for the weekend. Its flattering shape means that the work you put in is paid off with something, I hope, special.


Inside Crochet Issue 46 is out now.

Photos copyright Britt Spring.