Lest you think its only me getting blue things, I have done my boys well over the last week as well.
blue love

Kev got a pair of blue Noro Silk Garden Toasties after he drooled all over mine. Ok, Ok…he actually has only gotten one toasty, which he keeps waving in my general direction and tells me how much he "can't wait" for the other one to be finished.  I have dutifully cast on the other one, but just knitting in the round is rather dull.


And Ellis' filthy ikea children's table got a new lease of life with some garden furniture and blackboard paint. The furtinure paint was then knocked over in the dark by the shed and I stepped in it and now have little blue splodges all over the house.  On the plus side: the table now matches most rooms.

4 responses

  • Those toasties look lovely (wish I had that skill!!) and the blackboard paint is an excellent idea! Very clever. Sanctioned scribbles on furniture, what could be better?! Perhaps a whole wall of it knowing my bunch… :)

  • Blackboard paint – genius! If anyone is thinking about it, just a tip – the magnetic stuff does not magnetise, even if you paint umpteen coats on and nearly kill yourself. Just saying.

  • I need to learn to knit. Aha out ikea table and chairs are too covered in blackboard paint, only it is blue, so I suppose it is chalk board paint – sorry for the ramble

  • You’re good…. I just went back to IKEA when ours got manky and bought something easier to keep clean… or easier to knock crap off onto the floor so I can hoover it up… same thing.