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ladybug crochet hat

First of all, a small "ta-dah" moment.  The Ladybug pattern is finally finished.  I mean, I wrote it in October, but never published it because it just has never felt "me".  Maybe its too cute, I don't know.  But when Maggy asked me to do a guest post on her blog, Ladybug seemed perfect.  I have always loved G's grmpy face in the photo.  It is so much more her than the butter wouldn't melt photos that grace the owl and lion hats. The 1-3 size is available for free on Red Ted Art, with the full newborn – adult size range available on etsy and ravelry.

It is always a surprise to me which patterns do well and which do not.  The finished ladybug hat has always been a good seller, but I have to laugh that *every* time I release a pattern, I mostly just sell more Co-pilot hats and patterns.  Don't get me wrong, I like the aviator hat, but it is not my favourite design (personally, I think Spartacus is the best design that I've published, but its not been a huge seller). 

Anyway, its Co-pilot hats I make the most of and I have 6 to make this weekend.  All grey.  I do get quite bored of them, but I use it as an excuse to watch episodes of 24 on Netflix.  

I have started rewarding myself with knitting. If I can complete one step in the process of making (body, edging, goggles), I let myself knit for awhile. I am almost done with the raglan sleeves on the Solstice sweater.  I am making it in Cascade Eco in a kind of grey-brown.  Its nice. I am enjoying the knitting of it…there are enough milestones that I don't really get bored and when I do, its back to crochet.

I am knitting it with a set of KnitPro Sympfonie interchangeables, which I bought after being soooo fed up with my circulars.  I had to get a set of 5.5mm for the Solstice cardigan, so (in my twisted mind) it seemed only logical to buy a whole new set of interchangeables.  On the same day, I was also given a beautiful set of Addi Lace Click interchangeables by a reader who wanted me to review them (thank you).


Obviously, this meant I needed another project to work on…so I am casting on for Sarah's Knit-a-long of the Study Stripe Shawl.  I don't normally like to knit with 4ply, but I do love this shawl and I have chosen my favourite colour combination of yellow and grey (4ply cotton).  I think it will make a lovely, drapey shawl as a gift.


And so, you see, I have no choice BUT to knit so I can do my review.  Its a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Have a lovely weekend!!  I have a date with season 2 of 24, a leg of lamb, and a rabbit who (I have been told by the 5 year old crowd) will be laying chocolate eggs in the garden on Sunday.  


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  • Love the ladybird (and the pouty face!) and the yarn you’ve chosen for the KAL is GORGEOUS!!!!! I’ve been looking at daffodils and primroses this morning so the yellow is especially appealing today!
    I’d be really interested to see your review of the Addis. I usually use KnitPro interchangeables but have been using a few Addi lace (fixed length) circulars and LOVE them. They are so sharp and pointy – I love them. I have been very tempted to ask for the Addi interchangeable set for my birthday, but I’m not sure if I’ll like them enough to replace what I’ve already got. Please can you post your review before the middle of May?? :D

  • Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog, it is much appreciated at this very hard time.
    So, yes, the yellow and grey are lovely together. Did you do gloves in a similar combo a while back? I think they were for you so you probably didn’t finish them lol.
    Have a lovely Easter, looking forward to photo’s of chocolate faced children ;)

  • NanaHarrison on

    Have a great Easter guys. Hope the bunny has a BIG bag of eggs for the HG gang. xxx